K-Laser for Neck, Back, and Knee Pain

The Class 4 K-Laser is one of the most efficient laser therapy devices of the 21st century. This is used in the Laser Center of Louisville for the treatment of various conditions including back pain.

One of the most technologically advanced forms of medical treatment for a plethora of neural muscular skeletal conditions is Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). It offers patients a pain-free, non-invasive and drug-free treatment. Contrary to popular belief, LLLT has been around for decades but recent technical advancements have paved the way for a wider range of patients to gain access to this kind of therapy.
An increasing number of studies show the effectiveness of laser therapy for relief of chronic pain, such as back pain and neck pain, as well as many other conditions.

Different Types of Lasers Used for Therapy

There are three types of lasers and these are classified according to their power output:

  • Class 3a – have a maximum of 5 milliwatts of power (standard laser pointer)
  • Class 3b – have a maximum of 500 milliwatts of power/0.5 watts
  • Class 4 – anything over 500 milliwatts of power/0.5 watts

A point of controversy with lasers in terms of medical use is the depth of penetration. Most Class 3a lasers only use a red wavelength, specifically, 635 nanometers in the visible red, which only penetrates only about one to two millimeters into the human body. While this is certainly useful for treating superficial wounds, cuts and abrasions, it isn’t enough for the reduction of deep-seated pain. In contrast, infrared lasers – around 800 nanometers – are able to penetrate several centimeters into the body and reach most tissue injuries.

Another important factor when it comes to laser therapy is the power output, measured in watts. High-powered lasers have a brighter light, producing more energy. Class 4 lasers apply laser light to a much larger volume of tissue and penetrate deeper into tissues which enable the treatment of deep-rooted pain.

K-Laser is a leading manufacturer of high-grade medical laser equipment, designed to target the body’s optimal light absorbing complexes to treat pain and accelerate the healing process.  The K-Laser Class 4 laser is unique in that it combines four infrared wavelengths that allow for deep penetration into the body to reach areas such as the spine and hip.

  • 660nm – Targets cells in the skin to create healthy tissue that resists pathogens.
  • 800nm – Targets the enzymes capable of accelerating the healing process.
  • 905nm – Targets the hemoglobin to release more oxygen to the tissue.
  • 970nm – Increases blood flow, delivering nutrients and eliminating waste.

No other laser combines 4 wavelengths to target all aspects related to tissue healing and repair. The Low Level Laser Therapy treatments offered in Louisville offer advanced pain relief.

Why K-Laser?

These are only some of the reasons why medical practitioners are choosing K-Laser Therapy:

  • Better clinical results
  • Expanded scope
  • Fast painless treatments
  • Improved patient compliance
  • Accelerated healing times

Does Laser Therapy Really Work?

With over 30 years of research, there are now more than 2,500 published studies worldwide supporting laser therapy in different categories: in vitro, in vivo, collagen formation, wound healing, pain reduction, anti-inflammatory, range of motion, antimicrobial, etc. Among these, there are more than one hundred double-blind studies published documenting the effectiveness of laser for many clinical conditions.

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