summus laser for shin splints


Shin splints is a painful condition normally affecting persons beginning a new running program or a sudden increase in mileage. Also, running on hard surfaces, uneven surfaces, or running in old shoes can increase the chances of getting shin splints. The pain is most notably on the inner part of shin bone also called the tibia bone, the larger of the two bones of the lower leg. Many times, the condition will resolve with rest, and if left untreated can result in tiny fractures that will delay activity. Military personnel often get this condition from road marching in heavy boots. 

Symptoms include pain while running or marching, and swelling around the shin bone(s). Many a time people assume the pain has to be on the actual bone itself to be diagnosed with shin splints, but it’s actually repetitive stress (running) on the muscles surrounding the shin that if ignored can result in actual tiny stress fractures of the bone itself. Our class IV Summus laser has specific settings and protocol for shin splints and have had success treating athletes and new runners with this condition. So, call Laser Center of Louisville at 502-290-7876 for more information and a complimentary evaluation!

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