summus laser for strain/sprain injury


 A muscle strain sprain injury is a common injury that can be caused by overstretching or tearing of a tissue. Strains are defined as injury to a tendon or a muscle and injuries to a ligament are described as sprains. Many times, there are injuries to both tendons and ligaments and are referred to as “Strain/Sprain” injuries. For example, a strain/sprain injury of someone’s ankle from twisting it while running means that there are injuries to the tendons and ligaments in the ankle. These types of injuries are classified in one of three categories, Grade 1 or mild, Grade 2 or moderate, and Grade 3 or severe. Initially the recommended treatment for these injuries is “R.I.C.E”, rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Our class IV Summus laser has specific settings to expedite healing, decrease pain, increase blood flow to injured tissues. Many patients find relief after their initial visit. Call Laser Center of Louisville at 502-290-7876 for a complimentary visit!

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