Arthritis Therapy

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Arthritis Therapy louisville

Degenerative Arthritis

Osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease or degenerative arthritis (DA) are the common names of “wear and tear” on joints. This can occur virtually anywhere in your body were two bones come together. Between your bones or between the vertebrae (bones in your back), there is cartilage, or called discs in your neck and back. It is often diagnosed via Xray or other types of imaging. Although some wear and tear can be considered normal with age, sometimes DA can cause a lot of pain and force people to limit their normal level of activity.

Sometimes DA is so severe it can often result in joint replacement. Here at Laser Center of Louisville, our trained professionals will apply our class IV laser protocol that has prevented and in many cases prolonged the time before surgery to live a healthy, active and productive life. Many of our patients feel relief on the first visit. Call us today for a consultation and complementary first visit at Laser Center of Louisville. Visit us at

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